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Parents do not understand.....or do they?

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    Communication with Parents

    An adolescent’s emotional state can be very delicate and he or she can have mixed emotions about events very easily. Many times, this is why parents do not seem to understand, according to teens, and this is what keeps teens running from parents and to their friends.

    Teens often feel very alienated from their parents at this age since mom and dad cannot possibly understand why teens do what they do. Friends seem to "‘just get it."

    It is important for the teen to remember that their mom and dad were once teens (not as long ago as you might think) and parents and guardians love you unconditionally.

    Communication is very important during these years and parents have an insight that your friends do not. When trying to talk to your guardian it is important to keep a few things in mind:

    1. Choose a time that is good for both of you; trying to talk to dad when he is about to leave for work may not be the best time as he cannot be late for work.
    2. Be direct and clear when you speak and use “I” statements.
    3. Stick with the subject and do not harp on what happened "last time."
    4. Listen to what your guardian has to say to you; sometimes there is a reason that was not communicated.