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Infancy and Childhood Assignment

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    Upcoming  Assignment
    In this assignment, you are going to share your thoughts with the editor of a newspaper regarding the nature versus nurture debate. You will choose one of the following two options on which to express your views. The theory of nature versus nurture is just a theory. There is no wrong or right answer. It is based upon one’s belief.

    Writing letters to the editor of a newspaper is a powerful way to share your thoughts and opinions. Have you ever read or heard a story that immediately prompted you to take action? Writing a letter to the editor may inspire change. It may also give others an opportunity to see a different perspective about a topic or an issue.

    Follow these steps when writing your letter to the editor:

    1. Open the letter with a greeting.
      For example: Dear John Smith, editor of the Spectator.
    2. Introduce yourself and include your name and age.
    3. Express your thoughts the topic of your choice. Take a stance in the nature versus nurture debate to support your view.
      For example: I believe that children who have parents that are athletic tend to be athletic as well. I believe that we are what we are based upon the way in which we were made. I agree with the theory of nature as this theory goes along with the way in which I feel about genetic predisposition. Our genetics are determined by parents. If a parent excels at something, their children are going to excel as well.
    4. Include two examples of why you feel the way in which you do.
      For example: My Cousin John’s mom is an Olympic gold medallist. She competed in the Olympics four times. Now my cousin John is on the track team and he is competing in the district competition. He was also offered a scholarship for track and field from several well-known universities.
    5. Close your letter.
      For example: Respectfully submitted, Jamie Smith.

    Select one of the two options below for your letter to the editor.

    1. Children raised in wealthy homes are more successful than those raised in less wealthy ones.
    2. People who were abused by their parents become abusers to their children.