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    The Mother

    Research has found that children’s attachment to a mother who works outside the home seems to be the same as the attachment to a mom who works inside the home when the child has the mom’s love and acceptance. Mothers are typically the first person babies become attached to. When mothers have to return to the workplace a thought emerges as to what happens to the child’s attachment? The research has found that as long as the child feels love and affection, the attachment of a child at day-care and the attachment of a child with a stay-at-home mom is similar.

    The Father

    In some households, there is a stay-at-home dad. This idea of the stay-at-home dad is more of a recent occurrence as women in the workforce are earning more money than women did 30 years ago making it a more viable option for dad to stay home than mom. Dads play an important role in the development of a child. Dads who work outside of the home can have an attachment to their children just as much as the mother does. Questions have been raised about homes without a father. One factor is that boys who grow up without a father in the home will be less masculine. This is not the case. Again, it is important for the child to feel loved and accepted.