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    Kids say the darn-dest things!


    If you have ever spent time with young children, you have probably heard them say the funniest things. While we enjoy the humor children often provide, we can also learn a great deal about development from them.


    • “Do you have a sister?”
    • The little boy answers “Yes,” as the family gathers around to listen to the child’s response.
    • “What is your sister’s name?”
    • With a proud smile and confidence in his voice, the little boy says, “Ashleigh.”
    • The family cheers for his answer. “Does your sister have a brother?”
    • The little boy grimaces and looks at his family and speaks with certainty in his voice…“No!”
    • Is there something wrong with this little boy? Absolutely not!

    One of the most important advances in childhood development is the understanding that humans develop physically, morally, and intellectually in a sequential pattern. This little boy will not always believe that he has a sister but his sister does not have a brother. He will grow and mature and so will his thinking.