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Research Tips

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    Take a look at some good tips on how to be a better researcher.

    1. Choose your topic carefully.  Make sure you have enough sources for your project; make sure it's interesting to you

    2. Think about your audience.  How much backgound info will they need to understand the topic?  What word choice should you use so that you don't talk down to them or make it sound like it's over their heads?

    3. Find aspects of the topic which are interesting to you.  If it's interesting to you, that passion will translate into your drafts and make your audience excited as well.

    4. Make sure you collect information about the sources you've gathered: authors' names, title of article (and website), dates of publication or dates of viewing a website, and pubiblisher (if there is one).  This will make it easier at the end of the research process when you have to create a References page (or a Works Cited page in MLA).