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We Shall Overcome

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    "You can kill a man, but you can't kill an idea."

    - Medgar Evers

    Investigating the Civil Rights Movement: A photo tour of the Civil Rights Movement

    Not long ago, blacks and whites sat at different lunch counters and separate seats on buses. Black children were forced to attend all black schools and faced ridicule and threats when they attempted to attend white schools. These events actually occurred in our country less than 40 years ago. The Seattle Times photo tour of the Civil Rights Movement displays the powerful story of the struggle African-Americans faced in changing these conditions, and the laws that won equal protection for citizens of every race.


    Take the photo tour of the Civil Rights Movement from the Seattle Times. After viewing the photo tour, peruse the timeline and the other links to the left of the page, then answer the following questions.


    You will submit the answers as the assignment for this lesson. Please provide specific details from the reading in your responses.

    1.  After viewing the photo tour, choose three sites and/or locations that played a role in the Civil Rights Movement. For each site or event describe briefly what occurred and why it is significant in the Civil Rights Movement.

    2.  Identify two ways that police in the South resisted civil rights.

    3.  What occurred on August 28, 1963? What was the purpose of it?

    4.  What occurred in the Watts section of Los Angeles in August 1965?

    5.  Why did hundreds of students come to Mississippi on June 29, 1964?

    6.  Who was James Meredith and what happened to him?

    7.  How did Martin Luther King, Jr., refer to the U.S. involvement in Vietnam?

    8.  In what year did the U.S. first begin to celebrate Martin Luther King,Jr.'sbirthday as a holiday?

    9.  For whom did Martin Luther King, Jr. have a lifelong admiration? Why?

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