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The Great Depression Letter

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    "The business of America is business."

    - President Calvin Coolidge


    1.  Your task is to create a letter in the voice of a person growing up in the 1930s. This letter will be written to a person living in the year 2012. Before you begin your research, consider the name, gender, race, and age of the "character" you will become. Also, decide the audience for your letter. This might be a friend, family member, or teacher.

    2.  Your writing must cover the following topics:

    • Causes and Effects of the Great Depression
    • Family, New Deal, and Standard of Living
    • School and Friends
    • Social and Political Events in the 1930s
    1. Begin your research by exploring the resources listed below. As you explore the sites, record facts. Remember to avoid copying word for word.
    Hint: There are three frames within this site. When you have completed a frame click on the arrow to the right.

    3.  When you have collected information about each of the topics, you are prepared to begin the writing process. Remember, you are writing from the perspective of a person living in the 1930s. You are explaining your life to a person living in 2012. Your letter should include enough detail and description for your reader to gain a sense of what your life was like.

    4. Your letter should be a minimum of five well-developed paragraphs. Read the attached 'Outline for Great Depression Letter' to guide you as you write your letter.

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