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Unit 2 Vocabulary

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    "Every nation should be judged by the best it has been able to produce, not by the worst."

    - James Weldon Johnson


    For this vocabulary assignment, I want you to find the definitions for the following words. But I also want you to find visual representations for these words too. So for example, if you had the word "patriotic" as a vocabulary word. You would find the definition and a picture that represents "patriotism." This picture may be different for everyone. So, if you think a symbol of "patriotism" is an American flag, than find a picture of an American flag and add it next to the definition in a Word document.


    Vocabulary Words

    • Dollar Diplomacy
    • White Man’s Burden
    • nationalism
    • imperialism
    • Anti-imperialism
    • Muckrakers
    • Yellow Journalism
    • Self-determination
    • collective security
    • xenophobia

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