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Child Labor

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    The distribution of power is when power, influence or authority is distributed, spread around or apportioned.

    Read and Research:

      Find the definitions of the following terms:
    • revolution 
    • industry
    • Industrial Revolution
      A major change in social structures that occurred during this period was the increase in child labor outside of the home. Children had typically been included in daily family chores in agricultural areas or in family businesses, but during this time period they began to work for wages and for employers who were not family members.

    Productivity and profit were goals of these employers and child laborers were a means to efficiently achieve those goals. Economic progress brought social injustices. Political influences were divided between supporting progress on the one hand and, on the other, correcting injustices that methods for achieving progress seemed to incur.

    Review the characteristics of a primary source (the child labor photographs).



    Go to the following website: The History Place: Child Labor in America 1908 -1912 (link below). Pick a picture and read the caption aloud before clicking on the photograph to enlarge it.

    Examine the facts the photo reveals and record these observations, questions, and reactions on the Photographic Analysis Form chart.  The chart will ask for group work, don't worry about that, just answer as an individual.