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Welcome and Essential Questions

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    Welcome to the final session in this course!  In this session we'll wrap up your reflective presentation and share it with the rest of the class.  We'll also share a bit about the writing process and complete a course evaluation.  

    Here are a few essential questions we'll consider in this session:



    • What criteria do I use to evaluate if my communication or the communication of others is effective?

    • What have I learned? How have I grown? Why should I share these experiences with my audience?
    • Does my work show my audience (e.g., readers and listeners) that I am an authority on the topic?
    • How do elements of context impact my decisions when preparing a piece for oral delivery versus written delivery? What are some similarities and different in the decisions I make?
    • What questions do I ask in order to gather effective feedback on my own work?
    • How do I provide effective feedback to others?
    • When should issues of correctness and registers of English impose restrictions or grant freedom for my writing?
    • How do I ensure that I am intentionally manipulating punctuation and structures, rather than making errors?