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A Look Ahead

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    You're making great progress on your non-fiction book.  I hope you're enjoying trying a new genre.

    In our next session, we’ll conclude our reading and consider how literary non-fiction differs from traditional literature.  We'll also be creating our book review blog!  

    If you want a sneak peak, take a look at these sample book reviews on GoodReads and the blog from seniors in 2016 and the blog from last year's seniors.  Your book review will be similar, so use the graphic on the previous page and the examples on last year's blogs to start jogging your thoughts.  Your review should meet these requirements:


    • A hook that draws your reader in and makes them interested in reading the review
    • A very brief summary of the book that includes enough information to preview the book but doesn't ruin any of the plot through spoilers
    • An explanation of what makes this book unique
    • A reflection on the author's writing style, language, and tone
    • Mention of a few memorable moments from the book
    • A clear recommendation.  Who would enjoy this book?  (And if no one would, why?)

    We'll sort through the details next week in session four.