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Reader Response Journal or Notes

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  • Reader Response Notes or Journal



    Now it's time to process your reading by completing another reader response journal or notes template.  Just like last week, you have six options to choose from.  

    Note:  You may NOT use the same format you used last week.

    Here are your choices:


    • Interactive Notes
    • Double Entry Journal Notes
    • Cause and Effect Notes
    • Summary Notes
    • Reader Response Journal
    • Episodic Notes (requires access to a scanner or digital camera since drawings are hand-written)

    Decide on which notetaking or journaling option you'd like to do this week and complete it.  You'll submit your notes/journal on the next page.  

    Each set of notes or journal entry will be worth 50 points.  Those notes will be graded based on their attention to detail and thoroughness.  Your notes or journal should prove to your teacher that you've both read this section of the book AND thought critically about it.