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Declaring Your Choice

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  • Declaring Your Choice


    Your first step will be to decide on a literary non-fiction book to read.  There are lots of great options out there.  Here are your requirements:
    •  Must be a true story about a person’s life or experiences
    • Must be at least 200 pages long and not a graphic novel
    • Must be something you have not read before
    •  Must be at your reading level (preferably 8th grade reading level and up).  You can look up a book’s reading level by searching the title and “reading level.”  The Scholastic website is a good source for reading level information:
    • Must be school appropriate and parent-approved

    There’s a list of best memoirs on the GoodReads website that has excellent suggestions (click on this link).

    Here are a few that are recommended and would meet the requirements:

    • Angela’s Ashes by Frank McCourt
    • Into Thin Air by Jon Krakauer
    • The Perfect Storm by Sebastian Junger
    • Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer

    You are more than welcome to buy a book to read for this unit.  But I highly encourage you to go to your local library and check out a book for this project.  There is an entire section of Biographies and Memoirs - and you may be surprised who you find! 


    Once you've decided what book you'd like to read, click to the next page and create a reading schedule.  Then submit the name of your book and your reading schedule for assignment 7.11.