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Check that You've Met Requirements

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    As you wrap up your paper, be sure that you've met all the requirements for this major assignment.  Your paper will be graded primarily on the rubric, but 25 points of the total is based on whether or not you met the important requirements.

    Specifically, ensure that

    ___ you have written a research-based argument -- not an informative paper - that persuades the reader that this person really has influenced the world

    ___  you have used five sources (three secondary, two primary) unless your assignment was modified for your individual situation

    ___  you have incorporated your own student survey

    ___  your paper includes a works cited page and in-text citations in MLA style

    ___  your full paper is in MLA format

    ___  your paper is five pages in length unless otherwise modified for you individually

    ___  your paper text includes a focused topic and thesis, an engaging introduction, a clear organizational pattern, a thought-provoking conclusion, and quality writing overall

    ___  you have highlighted transitional words, phrases, and paragraphs per the instructions in Day 2 folder. 

    ___  you have highlighted your rhetorical device per the instructions in the Day 3 folder