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Leverage Turnitin: Check for Originality

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    Turnitin Example #1


    Submitting your draft to Turnitin not only allows me to give you feedback on your writing, but it allows students to better understand the need for citation. Checking your originality report is part of the learning process.

    Highlighting in the originality report shows anything identical to the original source, even strings as short as five words. Anything quoted or identical to the original should be in quotation marks and cited. See example #1 on the left. 

    A common error among high school and university students is to take the original sentence structure and simply change some of the words. If a sentence resembles the original structure, it may still be considered plagiarism.  See example #2 and the red circled portion of example#3 below.

    Remember to cite direct quotations AND any ideas that are not your owneven if you paraphrased it.  

    Bottom line:  Any string of five or more identical words needs to be quoted and cited, and any idea or information that is not your own should be cited.

    Check the originality report on your draft. If the same errors appear in your final draft, I will not be as charitable....

    Turnitin Example #2


    Turnitin Example #3