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    At this point, you have a really in-depth understanding of your subject’s life and times.  Now it’s time to take that understanding even deeper by conducting your own qualitative research into how that person’s life has impacted our world today.

    Just like in Unit 5, use Google Forms to create a three question survey about how your subject has impacted our world today. (See attached video below for help)  You'll share this survey on the discussion board on the next page and with other friends, family, and acquaintances.

    Make sure to ask for names so that you can quote the responses in your paper, if you choose to. 

    The questions should be short-answer and ask about the person’s life specifically or how the topic/area impacted our world. 

    For example, for a survey about Jackie Robinson, you might ask these questions:

    • How did Jackie Robinson change the game of baseball?
    • What role does race play in sports today?
    • If Jackie Robinson could talk to us today, what might he tell us about how to ensure fairness in sports?
    Then, distribute that survey to as many of your friends and family as possible.  Facebook and Twitter will be great options for getting your survey out to the world, much as we did in Unit 5.

    The information you gather on this survey will be an integral part of your final research paper so you’ll want to create interesting questions that get to the heart of who your person was in our society. 

    On the left is a video on how to use the new Google forms.

    Click to the next page to share your survey with the rest of the class in a discussion board.