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Writing Your Thesis

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  • Writing Your Thesis




    Now that you have a focus for your paper, it is time to write your thesis.  A thesis is just one...single....sentence.  But that sentence is the heart of your paper - and what your entire paper will be built around.

    Attached below is a Prezi Presentation all about thesis statements.  Watch it, internalize it, and write a thesis statement for your topic. After reading your thesis statement, other people should be able to say exactly what your paper will be about and what kind of information it will contain.  If they can't do that, or can't do it accuratly, your thesis needs to be adjusted.

    Remember - you are writing a research paper, not a biography.  Your paper should make a statement or draw a conclusion about your influential person.  

    You will be sharing your thesis statement with the class in the discussion.