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Session Plan

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    Session Plan



    Welcome to a new unit in English 12!  In this session we'll begin the research process on one of Time 100's Most Influential People and try to discover, "Why is this person so influential in our world today?"


    Scroll down for announcements, list of assignments, and suggested schedule.




    Due Date

    Point Value

     6.11 Declare Your Choice Discussion


     20 points

     6.12 Initial Secondary Notes


     40 points

     6.13 Your Research Questions


     20 points

     6.14 Reflective Journal 


     30 points

     6.00 Extra Credit on Wikipedia:

    Literacy and Fake News Response


    (30 points)

    Points Possible

     110 points


    Suggested Schedule:


    Day 1

    Day 2

    Day 3

    Day 4

    Day 5

     Watch Weekly Update Video.

    Complete initial research and decide on a research topic.

    Post research topic to the 6.11 Declare Your Choice discussion board.

    Find initial secondary source on your topic.

    Take detailed notes on your source.  Submit for 6.12 Initial Secondary Notes

     Create 10 research questions on your research topic.  Submit for 6.13 Your Research Questions.

    Watch Research Tutorial Video

    Find a biography on your research topic.

    Find a biography on your research topic.

    Begin reading your biography or continue looking for quality sources on your topic.

    Write your journal entry and submit to 6.14 Reflective Journal