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Welcome and Essential Questions

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  • Unit 5 Welcome and Essential Questions




    Welcome to Unit 5 Session 3!  In this session we’ll wrap up our study of Martin Luther King by looking at the role generalizations and summaries play in the research process.  We’ll also consider how researchers can use surveys (primary source) to gain an understanding of the real-world relevance of a topic. You'll review all that you learned in the unit by writing in your journal. Lastly, you'll take a short Unit 5 quiz.

    Here are a few essential questions we'll consider:

    • What questions do researchers ask themselves to check their thinking?
    • How do I determine what information to retain, remove, combine, and restate when summarizing or synthesizing?
    • Why is it necessary for me to summarize and synthesize information from a variety of sources?
    • How does constructing a generalization affect my thinking? What and why do I need to generalize in order to draw a sound conclusion?
    • How do I know when I have done enough to prepare for whole group, small group, and paired discussions?
    • When is my contribution to whole group, small group, and paired discussions just right? Too much? Too little?