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    In this session, we’ve only scratched the surface on the kinds of reading and writing that researchers do in order to fully grasp their topic.  In our next session, we’ll consider what makes a valid source and search for some of our own primary and secondary sources.  We’ll also explore some new note-taking methods for summarizing and synthesizing our sources.

    Remember that the work in Unit 5 is modeling the kind of work that you’ll be doing as a researcher in Unit 6, with a historical figure of your choice.

    Here’s a review our learning targets and progress so far:

    1. I started with a secondary source that provided a good overview of a research topic and took detailed notes.
    2. I created 2-3 research questions to guide my thinking.
    3. I explored a primary source that helped me gain a better understanding of the topic
    4. I reflected on the differences between these two types of resources
    5. Additional steps will be added in future sessions!


    We’ll continue developing this process in the sessions ahead!