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5.14 PEA Questions on MLK Interview

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  • Submit the answers to your PEA questions to the dropbox. Refer to the rubric below for details on how PEA responses are graded.

    Here's an example of a response using the PEA method:

    Question:John Proctor says that he is not worth the dirt on the feet of those who were already dead.  Do you agree or disagree?  Why?

    John Proctor was just as worthy a man as those who died before him in the Salem witch trials.He did everything he could to stop the injustice of the trials (Point).  John Proctor went to the court and "confessed that [he] had an affair with Abigail in order to try to prove that she was a liar" (Evidence).  If John was not a good man, he would have just let the trials go on and never sacrificed himself.Instead, John confessed and made himself look bad just to save others, proving that he’s just as good a person as those who went before him (Analysis).