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4.51 Critical Lens Essay

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  • Submit the final draft of your Critical Lens essay into 

    You are required to submit your essay into; otherwise, IT WILL NOT BE GRADED.

    Follow these steps:

    1.  Go to
    2.  Use the "create account" link on the top of the page (It's completely free. If you already have an account, you do not need to create another one, just enroll in our class)
    3.  Choose to set up a "student" account

    4. When the system asks for a "Class Id," enter  INSTRUCTOR NEEDS TO CREAT CLASS CODE AND PASSWORD

    5.  Once your account is set up, enter our course and submit your assignment to the "Critical Lens Essay" assignment

    6.  Wait an hour or two and then return to TurnItIn. TurnItIn will allow you to check your paper for grammar and spelling mistakes. It will also show you any potential problems with plagiarism. Please check out those reports and revise as needed! Login to TurnItIn and tell it you'd like to "View" the paper you turned in earlier. Then click on "Originality" and "Grademark" at the top of the page to see reports.

    If you find problems,the system will let you resubmit as often as you'd like.

    For further help with TurnItIn, check out this video tutorial:
    This is a tutorial that Ms. Kipp created. Be sure to use our Class ID and password above, NOT the ones that Ms. Kipp uses in the tutorial. Those are for her class.

    -All assignments will be graded on the TurnItIn website, and the grades will be transferred to Schoology for you.

    All assignments will be checked for plagiarism so BE CAREFUL!!!

    After you have submitted to Turnitin, your one remaining task for the unit is a journal reflection on the unit.  Click here for this task in Friday's Folder.