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Session Plan

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    Session Plan




    Welcome!  These next two weeks are jam packed. This week we’ll finish reading our sci-fi novels and start the critical lens essay.

    In Session 4, you will discuss the end of your novels with your discussion groups, prewrite for your essay and submit your first draft.

    Next week, you will participate in peer-editing and submit your final critical lens essay, along with a semester reflection. 




    Unit 4 Session 4

    Due Date


    Point Value

    4.41 Book Group Discussions 



    25 points

    4.42 Essay Outline



    30 points

    4.43 Essay Draft



    50 points 





    Total Points



    105 points


    Suggested Schedule*:

    Day 1

    Day 2

    Day 3

    Day 4

    Day 5

    Continue reading the final ¼ of your novel.


    Finish reading the final ¼ of your novel.


    Post initial responses to the 4.41 Book Group discussion board.

    Read "Essay Overview & Prewriting" and review Essay  Examples

    Begin work on outline for 4.42 Outline


    Post responses to the discussion board.

    Work on outline and submit for 4.42 Essay Outline

    Begin draft


    Work on and submit first draft of critical lens essay for 4.43 Essay Draft