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Reader Response: Theme Focused

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  • Reader Response Journal #2



    What the videos at the bottom of this page to learn about theme.

    Next, write a reader response for this week. Please write your full page reader response journal entry in your regular Google journal document that you have used for previous reflective journal entries.

    The minimum requirements for this reader response are as follows:

    • One page in length
    • More than a summary of the story—focus on analysis
    • Written in clear paragraphs with a clear organizational focus
    • EXIT SLIP QUESTIONS: What are three things I learned in this session, two things I found interesting and one question I still have? 

    This week I specifically want you to focus on THEME in your response journal.  What do you think the theme of this novel is?  What core point is the author trying to convey? 

    Reminders about theme:

    Theme is more than just one word.  It is always a sentence.  You have to convey what the author is trying to say about that core idea.

    Incorrect example of a theme statement:The theme of Brave New World is fear.

    Correct example of a theme statement:In Brave New World, the author is trying to show how fear can keep people from achieving their dreams.

    Please note:  Your reader response journal should focus on analysis and reflection, NOT SUMMARY.  Since I've already read the books, I don't need a summary.  I want to know that you're thinking about your readingWatch the video from Unit 2 for a refresher on how to write a Reader Response.

    Please review the example "A" entry linked at the bottom of the screen as well as the file with a list of possible prompts for your journal entry.

    Refer to the rubric below for more information on how to get a high score on your response journal.