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Welcome and Essential Questions

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  • Welcome and Essential Questions


    Here are a few essential questions we'll consider in this session:


    • Why and how does reading change my thinking?
    • Why do readers make sense of texts in different ways?
    • How does a text affect my perspectives? How do my perspectives influence my understanding of a text?
    • What was the author trying to make us feel, see, and believe?
    • How does note-taking help me summarize and synthesize the message or theme of literary work(s)?
    • How do authors create the aesthetics of a literary work? How does the aesthetics of a literary work affect the meaning of the text?


    Welcome to Unit 3 Session 1.  This unit is all about drama.  We’ll be exploring plays and the world of acting.  This unit will start with a study of Shakespeare’s Hamlet.

    It's helpful to gather quite a bit of background about Hamlet to improve your comprehension and enjoyment of the play, so this first day is devoted to exploring terminology, characters, plot, and the nature of tragedy.