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Session Plan

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    Session Plan



    Welcome to the last session of Unit 2.  

    In this session, we'll explore one last critical theory, social class theory.  It's also sometimes called Marxist theory and it's all about how money and power impact the way we interact with each other.  You'll also demonstrate your understanding of critical theories with a final project.

    Get started on MONDAY with the ONE discussion point assignment. 




    Due Date

    Point Value

     2.31 Discussing Social Class. This assignment will be made available on  Initial post due on MONDAY


     40 points (25 points x 1.6 factor)

     2.32 A&P Journal


     30 points

     2.33 Critical Theory Final Project


     120 points




    Points Possible


     190 points


    Suggested Schedule:

    Day 1

    Day 2

    Day 3

    Day 4

    Day 5

    Preview session. Review information on social class theory.  MAKE YOUR INITIAL POST to 2.31 Discussing Social Class. 

    Begin reading "A&P."  Work on journal for 2.32 A&P Journal as you read.

     Finish "A&P" journal and submit for 2.32 A&P Journal.

    Make one follow-up post to 2.31 Discussing Social Class discussion board.

    Begin work on critical theory final project.

    Make second follow-up post to the Discussing Social Class discussion board.

    Continue working on critical theory final project.

    Finish and submit 2.33 Critical Theory Final Project.