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Session Plan

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    Session Plan


    Welcome to a new unit in English 12!  This unit is all about the different ways that people read and interpret literature.  You'll learn all about critical theories, review short story terms, and read some really interesting piece of literature.




    Due Date

    Point Value

     2.11 Short Story Terms Applied to a Movie


     30 points

     2.12 Journal - Influential Experiences and My Lenses


     30 points

     2.13 Discussing Reader Response Theory


     25 points

     2.14 "The Sniper" Response


     50 points

    Points Possible


     135 points


    Suggested Schedule:

    Day 1

    Day 2

    Day 3

    Day 4

    Day 5

    -Watch English 12 Video Update and preview session

    -Review short story terms.

    -Begin thinking about a movie and how you could apply short story terms to it.

    -Complete short story terms applied to a movie and submit 2.11 Literary Terms assignment.

    -Review information on reader response theory.




    -Make an initial response to the 2.13 Reader Response Theory Discussion.

    -Print and begin to read "The Sniper."  It will be helpful to mark up your copy as you read.




    -Make at least two follow-up posts to the 2.13 Reader Response Theory Discussion

    -Finish reading "The Sniper."  It will be helpful to mark up your copy as you read.


    -Make final posts on the 2.13 Reader Response Discussion.

    -Watch Do's of Writing a Reader Response Journal


    -Write your reader response to "The Sniper" and submit for 2.14 Sniper Reader Response