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Welcome and Essential Questions

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  • Welcome and Essential Questions

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    Welcome to Unit 1 Session 3.  In this session, you’ll work on editing and revising the application writing that you began in session 2.  For students who completed session 2A, you’ll focus on perfecting your resume and cover letter.  For students who completed session 2B, you’ll focus on perfecting your college essay.

    Your application writing will be graded using the rubric below.  Before moving into revisions, take a moment to review the rubric and think about how well your current draft stacks up.

    Here are some essential questions to consider for this session:

    • How do I know when my piece is perfectly polished?  When are my revisions sufficient?  When is my editing complete?
    • Does my writing show my audience (i.e., reades) that I am a potential or needed asset to their institution or oranization?
    • How can I ensure that my vocabulary selection is domain-specific?  How do I know when it contributes to my credibility?  How do I know when it hinders my credibility?
    • How do I know when my language is precise enough for my audience?
    • Which figurative language techniques and/or rhetroical devices might I use to make my writing more visible, audibl, and imaginable?  Why should I use this technique and/or device over another?
    • When should issues of correctness and registers of English impost restrictions or grant freedom for my writing?
    • To what degree must I follow the "rules" of standard conventions? How do I know?
    • What does my use of conventions tell a reader about me?


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