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Session Plan

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    Session Plan



    Welcome to Unit 1 Session 2B.  This session is specifically built for students who will be applying to college in the next year.  We'll consider how to write an amazing college essay application.


    Note: If you're not planning on attending college in the next year, you should complete Unit 1 Session 2A, focused on resumes and cover letters.



    Due Date

    Point Value

    1.21B Impressive Essays Discussion


    25 points

    1.22B Topic Brainstorm


    15 points

    1.23B Essay Draft

      60 points

    1.24B Concision Exercise


    20 points

    Points Possible

    120 points



    Suggested Schedule:


    Day 1

    Day 2

    Day 3

    Day 4


    Review at least one article on writing a quality college essay.

    Post to 1.21B Impressive Essays discussion board on what makes an impressive essay.

    Look at the example essays.  Decide which one is the best one and write your rationale for why it's the best.

    Decide on a topic for your essay.  Share your topic in the 1.22B Topic Brainstorming discussion.

    Begin working on your college essay draft.

    Post follow-up posts in both the impressive essay discussion board and the topic brainstorming discussion board.

    Continue working on college essay.

    Submit 1.23B College Essay Draft.

    View "Concision" materials and complete eight sentences for 1.24B Concision Exercise.