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Reading About Cover Letters

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    Reading About Cover Letters






    Since you now have a first draft of a resume done, you have a really good idea of both your strengths and your weaknesses as you head into the job market.  A cover letter is the way you take your application a step further.


    If you have weaknesses in your resume, the cover letter is a place to explain those weaknesses and turn them into positives for your application.  If you already have a strong resume with good experience, the cover letter is the place to sell your strongest features.  It’s truly persuasive writing in its purest form and you’re selling yourself!


    Take a moment and read the article below, again from the magazine Career World, titled "Writing a Cover Letter."  It explains exactly what to do in writing a strong cover letter.  Be sure you take note of the formula they provide for a strong cover letter.  You'll be using it next!


    Also take a moment to review the example cover letters below.  Do they follow the formula?  What elements of these cover letters could you imitate?