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Rank the Applicants

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  • 1.1.4 Reflective Discussion:  Rank the Applicants




    Our final step for this session will be to apply our new-found knowledge of what makes a good piece of application writing. 

    Pretend you are the hiring manager for Kid World Pizza.  Kid World Pizza is a pizza parlor inside of an amusement park.  The restaurant is open 15 hours a day, 7 days a week and primarily serves families with children between the ages of 3 and 14.  You’re looking to hire a new social director for the restaurant.  The social director is in charge of all the restaurant’s parties and special events, such as birthday parties, game nights, bands, etc.   They work long hours, often late at night. They should be outgoing and friendly as well as extremely organized and efficient, with experience in customer service and preferably restaurant operations.

    You’ve received the three resumes attached below and must decide on one of these applicants as your new social director.  Look through the resumes and make your decision.

      Then click to the next page and post which candidate you would choose to the discussion board along with a 100-word explanation on why this candidate is the best choice.  Be prepared to defend your decision!