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    Now that you have a better understanding of the kinds of application writing a person might do, it’s time to put create a more detailed definition for this genre. 

    Take a moment and watch this video:

    How to Write A College Application Essay

    Although it’s focused on writing a good college application essay, the tips apply to cover letters and resumes as well.  

    Then, review this New York Times article about writing a quality essay.  Again, the princoples are the same.

     this New York Times article 

    After watching the video and reading the article, complete an always, sometimes, never chart like the one below. You can copy and paste the chart right into a word processing document and then write your answers in the second row, replacing the italicized text.  You should have at least 3 qualities listed in each column.  Submit on the next page!


    Application writing always…

    Application writing sometimes…

    Application writing never…

    What does this type of writing always do?

    What does this type of writing sometimes include?

    What should this type of writing never do?