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Best Guess Gathering

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    Best-Guess Gathering: Writing for Application


    Defining the Genre Terms

    Resume-- A resume is just a document that shows what a person has done in their professional life.  It highlights why an employer might want to hire them. 


    Cover letter—A cover letter is a document that accompanies a resume when you apply for a job.  It explains why a person is qualified for a job and tries to convince an employer that they should give that person an interview.  It’s a persuasive form of writing.


    College application essay—Many universities require that their students submit a college application essay along with their basic application for admission.  The topics for these essays can vary quite a bit but the core purpose remains the same: show the admissions officer that you are a well-rounded, intelligent student who can write well and shares interesting ideas.

    Our next step in this session is to gather some examples of what makes a good resume, a good cover letter, and a good college essay.  You’re going on a scavenger hunt!


    Follow these steps:

    1. Search the Internet for a resume that you think is high quality.  You’ll want to use some key terms such as model resume, example resume, successful resume, or quality resume.  Follow this link for more information on how to choose good search terms.
    2. Once you’ve found a resume that you think is good, copy and paste it into a word processing document.
    3. Add a 3-5 sentence explanation of why you think this resume is high quality.  Consider not only the content but how the author communicates that content. How does it persuade the employer to hire that person?
    4. Repeat steps 1-3 but this time look for a good cover letter.  Add your cover letter and explanation to the same word processing document as your example resume.
    5. Repeat steps 1-3 but this time look for a good college application essay. Add it and the explanation to the same word processing document.
    6. Submit your “best guess gathering” on the next page!


    This is a 50-point assignment.