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    Welcome to Unit 1 Session 1.  This session is focused on writing for application.  This time next year you’ll be entering college or the workforce.  It’s a great time to work on your “writing for application” skills.  Writing for application, simply put, is any time you’re writing to a person or organization that you’d like to be more involved with—a college, an employer, a scholarship committee, etc. 


    Your job is to impress them with your skills and convince them that you’re a person they’d like to know more about.  Examples of the genre include college application essays, resumes, and cover letters.

    Here are some essential questions we'll consider through our work in this session:

    • Are some elements of context (purpose, subject, audience, andsituation) more important than the others? Why or why not?
    • What criteria do I use to evaluate if my communication or the communication of other is effective?
    • How do I use the parameters of this high-stakes writing situation to my advantage?
    • What questions do I need to ask myself and others to analyze the context of this writing?
    • Does my writing show my audience (i.e., readers) that I am a potential  or needed asset to their institution or organization? 

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