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Informational Writing Pre-Assessment

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  • Our first unit in this course is a writing unit that focuses on relevant, practical informational writing. Much of the writing you'll do throughout your life involves sharing information, so it's worth taking some time to assess your present skills with a writing pre-assessment.  

    It's also an opportunity for you to share your interests and expertise with me, and that helps me get to know you better.

    Set aside 45 minutes (no more, no less -- use an online timer if needed) and write an informative essay appropriate to the following prompt:

    General Pre-Assessment Prompt: 

    Think of a topic that you have studied or know a lot about. Write an essay that shares interesting information to engage a reader. You may use outside research to support your statements, but limit yourself to 45 minutes after you have begun writing.  Give attention to organization, transitions, supportive material, citations if appropriate, and overall quality.

    This will be the first entry in your journal.  So complete this assignment in the journal - but don't turn it in just yet.  Tomorrow you will be taking some time to reflect and evaluate your writing...THEN you can turn it in.