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Create Your Journal

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    Begin by creating your journal as a Google document. Remember to create this in the English 12 folder you created in your GOOGLE Drive.  This is the folder that you have shared with me, and anything you place in the folder will be automatically shared with me.

    Name that journal document this way: First initial last name English 12 Journal Fall 2017 

    For example, my document would read "M. Teacher English 12 Journal Fall 2017."

    Remember to SHARE that folder/document with me INCLUDE INSTRUCTOR EMAIL HERE and give me EDIT rights, not just "can view."

    GRADING: For each journal, I will be looking to see that you have written about all aspects of the prompt with reasonable detail and standard English (i.e., check for obvious errors). In most cases, this means at least one-half page of typed, 12-point text with standard margins. :)