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Introduction to the Advanced Research Process

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  • As we start this quarter, we are going to be expanding our argument and research skills. We are going to start by working on an expanded research topic and develop some skills we left out last quarter.

    Introduction to the Advanced Research Process


    Knowing how to research effectively is a skill that high school students need to learn, and a skill you will use for the rest of your life.  Most students turn to Google or other search engines when it is time to find information, but there is more to research than just copying and pasting some information from Wikipedia (as we touched on last quarter, and will expand more in the lessons to follow!). In the next couple weeks, you will not only learn a more effective way to research, but you will work on a research assignment that will take you through the writing process.


    Essential Questions

    • What is the research process?  
    • How do I correctly cite my sources and annotate them?  
    • How can I spot bias?