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Planning and Research Due for Final (ES 2, 3, 4)

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    As a reminder, the prompt for your persuasive research final is as follows:

    Write and present orally a speech that uses rhetorical devices and strategies to address an issue of your choosing. Support your position on the issue with research. Be sure to acknowledge competing views.

    I would like you to submit the following to the dropbox:

    1) The planning for your persuasive research final. To help you plan you might consider the following websites:

    • is great for flow charts or mind maps. link (You will need to submit the link for this if you use it.)
    • Lino is a good website if you would like to try sticky notes. Lino Link (You will need to submit the link for this if you use it.)
    • If you choose to make a list or outline, please type it into a word document to submit.

    2) Submit citations or a list of your resources for your research. You must have at minimum 4 sources of information. At least one of those sources should be the competing view.

    • You may submit all pieces in one document or if you can't get everything onto one page, please just submit any additional pages into the dropbox. I will be able to see all submissions you put into the dropbox.