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"We will go forward from this moment"

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    Writers and speakers often manipulate ideas, language, and structure to achieve an intended affect. The past few weeks, our lessons have covered how they do this.

    For the next assignment, you will analyze a news editorial that was published the day after 9/11 occured and write a response letter to the author. You will need to analyze the article for the following and then address the questions in your response letter to the author:

    • What is the purpose of the article?
    • What fallacy (or fallacies) stand out? (Hint: There is at least one.)
    • Does the author use any rhetorical devices? What does that do for the reader?
    • What rhetorical appeals is the author using?
    • Is there an arrangement? What arrangement should the author have used in your opinion?
    • What are your overall thoughts about the article or reaction to it?

    The article is "We will go forward from this moment" by Leonard Pitts Jr. You can find it by clicking the link below.

    "We will go forward from this moment" Leonard Pitts Jr.

    Your Letter

    • Your response letter must address the questions above. You can address the questions directly one by one, or you can get creative with how you address them.
    • There will be no length requirement for your letter but I expect it to be thoughtful and show that you analyzed what the author was saying.
    • Your letter must be free of grammar and spelling errors.