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Preparing For the Debate

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    Debate Question

    Should all Americans have the right, or be entitled, to health care? 


    The stance you take on the question is up to you. However, you must take a stance. You can't say "it depends" and have a stance that doesn't really take a side. You stance should be clear: Yes, all Americans should have a right to health care, or no, all Americans shouldn't have a right to health care. You will need to be prepared to defend your stance though and make sure you are persuasive when answering. 

    Defending Your Stance

    • In order to defend the stance you are going to take concerning the question, you are going to need evidence. I would like you to use the site for this to get started. This site has a lot of great information concerning both sides of the issue. Should All Americans Have the Right to Health Care?

    • In addition, you will need to find two outside sources on your own to support your stance on the question and cite it in one or more of your responses. Remember the CRAAP test when looking for your sources!

    Debate Requirements

    In the debate I will be looking for your use of rhetorical strategies we have covered in class so far. This includes but is not limited to: rhetorical appeals, argument arrangements, rhetorical devices, and the use of evidence and warrant to support an argument.

    Your initial post should be a direct reply to the debate question. It should contain the following:

    • Be arranged according to one of the arrangements we have covered (Toulmin, Rogerian, Classical).
    • Clearly make use of one of the rhetorical appeals: ethos, pathos, logos.
    • Incorporate one rhetorical device (see Week 1 if you need a reminder on these).
    • Include credible evidence to support your claim and has a citation for it at the bottom of the post.

    Replies to classmates should always be respectful and contain any of the rhetorical strategies we have covered in class.

    Below is the rubric on how you will be graded. Please read it thoroughly to make sure you are meeting the discussion requirements.