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    In order to apply some of the literary theories, you might need to know a little bit about the author and the myth of Demeter and Hades.

    Rita Dove is the author of "Detemer's Prayer to Hades." 

    Use the following link to read Rita Dove's biography in order to understand more about her: 

    Rita Dove Biography.

    The Myth of Demeter and Hades

    The myth of Dememter and Hades comes from Ancient Greece. Watch the video below to get the basics of the story:

    It is important to note that the video of the story leaves out some important details of the story you might need to apply some of the theories.

    1. Zues was also Demeter's brother. That means Persephone's dad is also her uncle.

    2. Demeter and Zues fight so much that she decides to never return to Mt. Olympus, where all the other gods live.

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    Image source: Rita Dove photo