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Plagiarism Discussion Board

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  • Plagiarism Discussion Board<p>Plagiarism Discussion Board<br /> <br /> Please respond to the following questions with a thorough short answer that demonstrates the depth and breadth of your knowledge. You should write one to three paragraphs in length; edit writing for content, organization, and conventions before submitting; and respond thoughtfully to at least one fellow students' postings (if there's one to respond to!).<br /> <br /> One set of points will be earned for your initial response and the last set of points will be earned for your thoughtful response to a classmate.<br /> <br /> 1. What questions are you left with regarding plagiarism?<br /> <br /> 2. How will the information presented in this unit change the way you approach future papers/essays in your classes? In other words, what will you do to avoid plagiarizing? <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> Image source:</p>