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Billy Collins’s “Man Listening to Disc" Assignment (ES 2, 3)

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    Directions: I would like you to reread "Man Listening to Disc" again and annotate the poem. Your annotations should concern the cumulative impact of the author’s word choice (both connotative and denotative) to establish the tone and convey the meaning of the poem.

    There are two options for how you can turn in your annotations.

    Option 1

    You can download and print out the poem attached below. Then you can make your annotations directly on the page. When you are down you can take a picture of it (making sure it can be clearly read) and turn it into the dropbox OR turn it in directly to me when you are in the lab. Some questions to think about when making your annotations are:

    • What is the meaning of the poem? What connotative and denotative words convey that meaning?
    • What is the tone of the poem? What connotative and denotative words establish the tone?

    Option 2

    You can download the Billy Collins Annotation Chart attached below and use it to make your annotations. Submit it to the dropbox when completed.