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Planning and Research Due for Essay (ES 2, 3, 4)

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    As a reminder, the prompt for your persuasive research paper is as follows:

    Write an effective persuasive piece that argues your position on a chosen topic. Support your position with research. Be sure to acknowledge competing views. Give examples from past or current events or issues to illustrate and clarify your position.

    I would like you to submit the following to the dropbox:

    1. The planning for your persuasive research paper. To help you plan you might consider the following websites: is great for flow charts or mind maps. link
    (You will need to submit the link for this if you use it.)

    Lino is a good website if you would like to try sticky notes. Lino Link
    (You will need to submit the link for this if you use it.)

    If you choose to make a list or outline, please type it into a word document to submit.

    2. Submit citations or a list of your resources for your research. You must have at minimum 4 sources of information. At least one of those sources should be the competing view.

    You may submit all pieces in one document or if you can't get everything onto one page, please just submit any additional pages into the dropbox. I will be able to see all submissions you put into the dropbox.