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Persuasive Writing Instruction

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  • Persuasive Writing:

    If you are writing persuasively, you (the writer) are attempting to convince the reader to believe what you believe.  For instance, if I tried to convince you that the legal driving age should be raised to the age of eighteen, then that would be a persuasive argument.  In trying to persuade you that my opinion is correct, I would need to present you with factual information, as well as the counter points that someone might use to attack my viewpoint.  In presenting the counter points, you can support your own points.  Remember, your overall goal is to provide a logical, factual, and convincing argument about your point-of-view.

    Persuasive Writing Characteristics:

    1.  Stating a position and attempting to convince your readers to agree

    2.  Presenting ideas logically, factually and clearly

    3.  Supporting ideas using quotes, statistics, examples and facts

    4.  Ending with a strong argument, summary or call for action


    Take a look at this didactic video about improving your persuasive writing (this guy is really entertaining!):

    Persuasion in Advertising:

    Advertisements are just one of the ways that we see persuasive writing everyday.  Now, watch this video about persuasive techniques used in advertising (also used in all types of persuasive writing!).  You will create an advertisement in an upcoming assignment, so take notes if that will help you to remember these characteristics.  Check out this link for a video on persuasion in advertising:

    Please review this website as well.  You might want to bookmark it for future reference: Basic Principles of Persuasive Writing