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Quarter Two Overview

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    This quarter closely examines how conflict affects the human condition and whether or not conflict is inevitable for human beings. We will study this cause and effect relationship by analyzing and interpreting literary texts and their components.

    Quarter Reading Materials:

    • Ryūnosuke Akutagawa: Rashomon
    • Naguib Mahfouz: The Answer is No
    • Zona Gale: Bill

    Quarter Writing Assignments:

    • Research-Based Literary Analysis
    • Short-Response Questions
    • Blog Posts 

    Here are a few essential questions we'll consider this quarter:

    • What can we expect to work on this quarter? By examining literature, how does conflict affect people?
    • What are the types of conflict? How does conflict affect people and stories?
    • What is claim, evidence, and warrant? How can we use claim, evidence, and warrant?
    • What are literary elements? How do literary elements affect the meaning of a text?
    • What are literary techniques? How do literary techniques affect the meaning of a text?
    • How do literary devices help us understand the meaning of a text?

    Standards Focus:

    • Standard 1: Oral Expression & Listening Prepared Graduates: Deliver organized and effective oral presentations for diverse audiences and varied purposes. Demonstrate skill in inferential and evaluative listening.
    • Standard 2: Reading for All Purposes Prepared Graduate Competency: Engage in a wide range of nonfiction and real-life reading experiences to solve problems, judge the quality of ideas, or complete daily tasks. Interpret how the structure of written English contributes to the pronunciation and meaning of complex vocabulary.
    • Standard 3: Writing & Composition Prepared Graduate Competency: Master the techniques of effective informational, literary, and persuasive writing. Apply standard English conventions to effectively communicate with written language.