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Final Writing on Night

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  • Your major assessment for the book is to write a compare and contrast essay about power within Night.

    In order to fully analyze a piece of literature, you must provide opinions as well as facts. In addition, it is imperative that you explain the significance of your ideas. This is the point when you will truly begin to analyze the text. Your essay should contain all of the following:

    Your introduction should start out general and get more specific as you work your way down to the thesis. Mention the author and title of the work you are writing about in your introduction. The thesis statement is the main idea of the entire paper. It should also include your opinion about the given topic (without saying "I think," or "In my opinion"). Sample thesis: After reading Night, there are several moments where we can see how power was abused and used for good.

    Your body paragraphs should have a topic and concluding sentence. Use transitions!!! After you give a fact or detail about the topic you are writing, give your analysis of that fact. This will help you to explain the significance of your points, and it will make your essay stronger. Each body paragraph needs a quote of support from the text. Use the PEA Method here. Give your point, provide evidence, and then give some analysis.

    Don't include new information or points in your conclusion. Your conclusion is basically a summary of your main points from your paper, but it's not just a word-for-word repeat of your intro.

    Focus on the following topic in your essay:
    Compare and Contrast an example of how power was abused and used for good within the book Night. Be sure to address how this could be viewed from multiple perspectives.

    Essay Requirements:

    • It should be formatted in MLA format. (double spaced, Times New Roman or a similar font, 12-point font, correct headings and header, 1 inch margins, etc.) Review Week 4 for a reminder of the specifics!
    • At least 3 quotes from the book must be integrated within your paper.
    • Create an original title for your essay - Night Essay is not acceptable (BORING!).

    It is important that you follow the steps of the writing process in order to write the best essay possible. Start out by doing some sort of prewriting. Whether you create something more formal like an outline or bubble cluster or whether you just jot down a few ideas, this step will help you come up with your main points in the essay.

    Introduction to Pre-writing - Purdue Writing Lab
    Organizing & Pre-writing

    The next step is to write the rough draft. Send that to me in a message for feedback. Please do not move on to your final draft without getting my feedback first! You can use the attached peer editing guide to help you with your own editing.

    If you want help revising your essay, check out this incredible, interative tool from SAS Curriculum Pathways. It's called Writing Reviser, and it will REALLY help!! You'll have to create a log in if you've never used the site, but it is free.

    The Writing Reviser

    The revising/editing stage is one that many students overlook or skip altogether, and it is probably the most important step. When you receive the feedback from me, you should go back and apply the feedback to your essay (duh!). You can also use the attached peer editing guide to help you edit your own essay. It is also a great idea to read your paper aloud; this will help you to eliminate awkwardly worded sentences and will help you catch other grammatical mistakes you might have overlooked.

    Check out the Resource folder in Quarter 1 as well for helpful writing tips!

    Now you are ready to write the final draft! Once you have finished writing the final draft of your essay, proofread it once more to make sure you are happy with the changes you have made. You can see how you will be graded by viewing the rubric, also attached. Submit your final essay as an attachment.