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Vocabulary (ES 2)

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  • As mentioned in the previous lesson, Night contains some vocabulary you might not know. It will be good to take a look at some of the vocabulary that will be used in Night and become familiar with it before we start to read.

    For this assignment, you will submit your notes from the previous lesson (because I want to make sure you have the vocabulary strategies written down to reference and use when we start reading), AND you will pick one of the choices below to submit in order to earn credit for this assignment.

    Choice 1:
    Pick 20 of the words from the attached vocabulary list and write an original sentence for each vocabulary word. Underline the vocabulary word that is used and make sure it is used correctly.

    For example: I wanted to annihilate my little brother for eating all of my candy.

    Choice 2:
    Pick 20 words from the attached vocabulary list and create a PowerPoint or Prezi that contains a picture for each word along with the definition.

    Choice 3:
    Write a letter to Mr. Wiesel and use 15 of the vocabulary words from the attached vocabulary list correctly. Underline the vocabulary words you use.

    NOTE: Again, you do not do all of the choices. Only pick one and submit it, along with your notes from the previous lesson, for credit. You may include them all in one document or make multiple submissions to turn everything in.