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Writing Your Rough Draft

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  • Now that you have created your plan and gotten some feedback, it is time to start writing your rough draft. In the first lesson this week, you got to see the parts of an essay. In this lesson, you'll take a closer look at each part.

    Examine each part below and be sure to take notes. Then develop your own rough draft of your paper to submit in the assignment that follows.

    *Note: If you need to make the video or presentation bigger, click on the "YouTube" or "Google Slides" logo in the lower right hand corner.

    The Introduction

    The video below was made by a college, so it has some great tips on developing a good introduction to your paper.

    If you still think you are struggling a little bit with developing your introduction then check out these links:

    Writing an Introduction 1

    Writing an Introduction 2

    Creating a Thesis Statement



    Body Paragraphs

    The body paragraphs are the "meat" of your paper. Check out the video to help you create your body paragraphs.

    Since the video didn't discuss transitions, check out the following presentation to cover them. These help your paragraphs flow.

    The Conclusion

    End your paper with a bang! The conclusion sums it all up...

    Need a little more help with conclusions? Check out the following links:

    Conclusions 1

    Conclusions 2