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Global Climate Factors 101

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     Watch the video on global climate factors
    • What are the global climate factors?
    Watch the video and play with this interactive and this interactive
    • How do the seasons impact global climate?
    • Why would the seasons impact different parts of the earth differently?
    Watch the animation and view the video on the Milankovitch Cycle
    • How does the Milankovitch cycle impact global climate?
    • How long do these cycles last?
    Watch the video and read about sunspots
    • How does the sun impact global climate?
    • What are sunspots?
    • How do they impact the earth?
    Watch the video and read about El Nino and La Nina
    • How do El Nino and La Nina work?
    • What causes them?
    • How long do they last?
    • How do they impact global climate?